Okamoto Industries Inc. was established in 1934, one of the famous condom manufacturers in the world. The headquarters are situated in Tokyo, Japan. The research and development centre (R&D) and manufacturing plants are located in 3 major cities in Japan, Shizuoka, lbaraki, and Fukushima. Due to continuous growth, Okamoto has set-up subsidiaries in Hong Kong, China, USA, Thailand, and Vietnam in order to penetrate into the Asian and North American markets. In June 1949, Okamoto successfully become a listed company in Japanese stock market which has been listed in the A stocks. With our tremendous effort over 70 years, Okamoto has now become the largest latex and rubber manufacturer in Japan.

The objective of our company is “New Basic – Enhance Living Standard by advance Science”. Together with our clear objective, we keep creating high quality and useful products for different mankind. Okamoto has also created the world’s thinnest latex condom: The 0.03mm Latex condom and 0.02mm PU condom with exclusive material called SHEERLON. We are very much concern about the product quality to ensure it meets the global standard. Okamoto has met the different requirements and standards include the GB of People Republic of China, JIS from Japan, and international requirements such as ISO. On the other hand, Okamoto Industries Inc. has been listed by Japan “Marketing Approval of Medical device” with highest esteem. At the same time, Stanford University in USA has awarded Okamoto for the best condom manufacturer in terms of comfort, shape and odor. From the 1930s until today, Okamoto remains the top selling condom brand in Japan, holding a highest market share.

Being the biggest condom manufacturer in Japan, Okamoto keep developing the business with diversifications for other products. We are producing different kind of products, including condoms, rubber band, gloves, tires, medical devices, Lady Wash (Douche), Heating Pads, Dehumidifier, outdoor activities equipment, sport gears. Okamoto products are safe, user friendly and have always been greatly accepted by Japanese and worldwide consumers. “Doing its best to strive for consumer’s satisfaction” has always been a slogan and the target which Okamoto makes every effort to be achieved. In the coming future, Okamoto will use its limitless creativity and high quality standards as a guide to create and manufacture more premium and quality products in order to bring better life to different consumers!