Okamoto is constantly growing and looking towards the future.

Okamoto was formed from the merger of four companies:Nippon Gum Industries,Ltd., Riken Rubber Co.,Ltd.,and Okamoto Rubber Co., Ltd., with our present name being adopted shortly after the merger.  Okamoto is a cohesive and dynamic esterpise comprised of the ideas and techologies of each of the above companies.  More than 70 years since its foundation, after a long history in the 20th century Okamoto continues to grow by leaps and bounds in 21st century.



Okamoto latex factory is established, starting to manufacture latex condoms. Okamoto himself keeps on researching ways to produce latex condoms which are more durable.

okamoto history 1934


Start the manufacturing by automated machine.

okamoto history 1941-43


Okamoto successfully manufactures the world’s thinnest latex condom by breaking through the industry’s limit of 0.05mm. This establishes his name in the latex industry and is the foundation for his reputation.

okamoto history 1969

1996 – 2003

Okamoto launches Classic Series


Okamoto launches the world’s thinnest condom 0.03 series.

okamoto history 2003


Okamoto launches the 0.02 Hydro Polyurethane series.

okamoto history 2009