Q : When was the first condom invented?

A : The first condom was officially registered in 16th century Italy, where syphilis was a fatal outbreak. It was mainly used to prevent contamination of such disease. Condoms were at the time made out of linen sheath or animal intestines.

Q : Why were condoms invented?

A : To prevent contamination of sexual transmitted diseases and for contraceptive purposes. The first documentation of use condoms dated from a European publication in 1605.

Q : When did condom become popular?

A : It became popular in early 18th century, using different materials. It was very well accepted by the American Upper class. Later in 20th century, condoms came in all different forms. They have ribs, raised dots, warming and cooling effect, and Aloe Vera Lubricant, such as the Harmony, Dot De Hot and Dot De Cool of Okamoto condom.

Q : When was Rubber Condom invented?

A : The first rubber condom was made in 1855, now all rubber condoms have been replaced by latex condoms.

Q : Why use latex condoms instead?

A : Latex has outstanding elastic properties and it can stretch over 800 times its size before reaching breaking point. It was invented in 1920, since then all rubber condoms had been replaced. It is more durable, thinner and last longer than other material.

Q : What are Polyurethane condoms?

A : Compared to latex condoms, Polyurethane condoms are better in heat transmission and higher resistant to different environmental conditions. Polyurethane is suitable for anyone allergic to latex and it is odorless.

Q : What type of condom is more suitable for me? Polyurethane or latex?

A : It all depends. Okamoto 0.03 Nude is made out of Polyurethane. Other 0.03 series are made out of Latex. You can compare different types of material to see which one you prefer.

Q : Does Okamoto have spermicidal condom?

A : Okamoto Beyond Seven Plus condom is a spermicidal condom, which contains spermicidal lubricant Nonoxynol-9.